Monday, February 12, 2007

A couple more...

  • chimbly: "You pobly ought clean tha chimbly - don't need no fyah heya!"
  • pobbly: "I pobbly stove up the truck on thayt deeah yestidy - sides all staved in."

- From Mike (Ex-Mainer)

Monday, February 05, 2007

New words...

  • axe - Not the thing you chop wood with. The things that the wheels on your car, truck or four wheeler roll on. "I hammered the throttle off the line and she broke an Axe." (from Mike S. of Passadumkeag, ME)
  • buot - As in "Why don't cha take the buot out the cove n' check some a them pots?" Often spelled "Boat" due to a total corruption of the pronounciation outside a the coast a Maine.
  • punt - Ain't got nothin ta do with the football. It's just the name given to the thing you row in when yer goin from the wharf to ya buot. "You gonna walk out theyah, Jimmy, or take the punt like a told ya?"