Wednesday, October 12, 2005

History of the Mainah Glossary

I honestly do not remember when I first started the Mainah Glossary, but the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has one of my original glossary sites from 1996 with about 60 words. As of today, there are over 300 words in the Mainah Glossary.

And, yes, I still use mid-90s html to keep it going - no frames, flash, java, etc. It keeps it easy to copy, email, and print and I still get visitors suggesting new words each month. Content is better than style, if you ask me.

What I have been bad at is keeping it updated. I get suggestions but I don't find the 20 minutes to update the glossary. This site isn't going to replace the glossary (and I do hope to have my own domain soon!), but it will let anyone who visits here to see what new words have been suggested and hopefully comment on them. Stories make the suggestions all the better.

Next up - "recent" suggestions that I haven't added (yet).

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