Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Recent" suggestions

The most recent suggestions have been:

  • Taxationland, pretty obvious, right up there with Taxachusetts [Norma, Waldoboro, Native Mainah]

All from Alice (Borgen) Carleton, Old Town:

  • Spleeny-Jeannie....means cranky (wonder if it comes from the word: spleen--like a spleen actin' up or sumthin!)
  • Robin showah: Means a snowstorm in spring (Like when you shouldn't be gettin' any mowah snow!)
  • Dahkah than the inside of a pocket: No explanation needed!

All from Glenn Harmon, Portland:

  • By-the-Jesus (I'm not kidding around now)
  • By Godfrey (affirmative in the extreme)
  • Long Way Round Robin Hood's Barn (not taking the shortest route)
  • Slower Than Molasses Going Uphill in January (to take one's time)
  • Hotter than Living Haying time (wicked hot)
  • No More Sense than Carter's Got Liver Pills (not too clever)

All from Angie Hafford, Allagash:

  • Well there"- Moosetowner's way of saying "Well, ain't you ever full of sh*t!"
  • "Chop-chop!"- Moosetowner's way of saying "Hurry Up!" or "Quick!"
  • Fellers- (Moosetown lingo) A group of people.
  • Bogan (Bow-Gan)- (Moosetown lingo) A little pond like area with nasty water
  • Dog Days- (Moosetown lingo)Time in the fall when the waters are low and pretty dirty.
  • Jeslus (Gees-Luss)- (Moosetown lingo) "Them jeslus fellers!"
  • Anti-Christ- (Moosetown lingo) "Well you wouldn't look at that jeslus anti christ!"
  • G'way- Moosetowners way of saying "Go Away!"
  • Yas Now- (Moosetown lingo) Another way of saying "Well there!" Usually said after someone tells a tall tale or something that makes no sense.
  • Peeked (Peak-Ed) - (Moosetown lingo) Sharp, to a point, peeked!! Usually used as "the peeked part" or describing someone to have a peeked face.
  • Frogs- Nickname for the St. Francis and Fort Kenter's
  • Blueberries- Nickname for the St. Johner's
  • Cheesetown- AKA: Van Buren
  • Swampdonkey- Moose

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