Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More emails...

Thanks to all that keep emailing me!

I'll get to a glossary update at some point! (:


New word:
innerestin - pretty intersting (from J. - 12th generation Mainah!)

New websites:

And a great email:

I'd love to add anothah definishun for "spider" or "spidah" -- Lobstah.

Also, the "green front" was the local likker stoah, from the green paint on the front. Coahss, that 'twas befoah Hannafohd and Shaw-uz stahted sellin' the stuff.

Seriously, I used to have to teach my Mainer students (7th-8th graders in Oakland) how to talk Yankee. I'd have spelling lessons and grammar lessons on the board, because they were actually losing the dialect. One of the rules of spelling was that if a syllable ended with "r" it should be replaced with "h." Almost always wohked. Oh, and any one syllable wohd could be pronounced in either 1, 2 or 3 syllables, as in "good", "goo-ahd" or "goo-wad-ah"

Now that I'm retired and living in Kentucky, I find myself saying "you-all" much of the time, though when people, especially women, say "Y'all have a naahce day, hun" I still find myself responding with "A-yuh."

Mike D. Formerly of Oakland/Waterville, now in Parksville, KY

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