Thursday, February 28, 2008

Words, words, words...

Keep them coming!

These are from Chris in Jefferson, ME:


Adv., About: “That theyah fellah jus’ ‘bout got stove up.” Also see “ ’magine”


Pronunciation \kuss–ed\
Adj., Cursed or obstinate. – “That dang deeyah run right’out front of the cah, and I jus’ ‘bout nailed the cussed thing.”
Also cantankerous.


Adj., Used to add a great deal of emphasis. “that powah fellah thumped himself with that theyah hammah pretty friggin’ hahd.” To which one could reply “Friggin’ ‘magine!” (see ‘magine)

Friggin’ skiddah: (see skidder) A terminology often used to describe a stout, or sometimes poorly thought of large woman.


v., Imagine: Used as an affirmative agreement, or an affirmation to someone’s statement. “D’you see the size of that theyah lobstah?”, “friggin’ ’magine.”

“ ‘bout ‘magine” is used to agree with hypothetical ponderings, “I bet that cah was doin’ a buck twenty easy!” (Translated: I assume that you agree with me that the automobile that passed us previously on the highway was traveling at a velocity that I could easily assume was in excess of 120 mph.) “’bout magine!” (Translated: I can only imagine that the statement you just made is an accurate guesstimation given the circumstances surrounding the situation.”

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