Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry - suggestions...

I had not checked my email box for quite some time {sigh} and it looks like all the mail was lost in there.

If you have sent me an email recently, please re-send with any suggestions you have for the Mainah Glossary.

Even better, just post a comment here!


Jere Hunt said...

How about "PECKAWOOD". As in He don't know enough to come in outa the rain. He's a real PECKAWOOD.

Jere Hunt, Naples, Fl.

Anonymous said...

I was sent your Mainah English dictionary by my good friend Quinn, who grew up in down east Jonesport. We get a kick out of this stuff since I have relatives up tah Cutlah, and visit my relatives in Warren for a time every Febry... usually finishing off with a dinnuh to Moody's.

Anyhow, couldn't help notice that you left out "fetch-up" a term I get a kick out of when I'm up they-uh... as in "we was towin' the yow-uns in the sleigh behind the foah wheeluh, but them skis fetched up on a stump and it turned over and they spilt out."

Of course another one is "bug" as in your privates, but I can understand why you left that one out!

Good fun, thanks