Saturday, May 08, 2010

I do still exist...

I'm still having problems with my Charter email (need to investigate more) so until then, feel free to post suggestions here or to lorilady_at_gmail_dot _com.

Hope those of you that find this blog and the subsequent website, do enjoy it. I also recommend trying to track down a copy of:

John Gould's Maine Lingo from 1975

I would love to help do a next edition some day (maybe when I do not have a full-time job and the kids are in college!).


1 comment:

johnfrombangowah said...

the glossary is a very encyclopedic site
i wonder if people would like to know Breezeway (the short walk between the back doah and the cah)

also, i b'lieve we in the Queen City would feel a little better if you included more reasonable pronunciations like bangowah and bangoah (what's Bangah? pahtland-speak?)

thanks again!

john picone

p.s. i think "can't get 'dar" must be a typo for theyah